30 days of orgasms…

I had two very different experiences post my sex deprived marriage, both on completely opposite sides of the spectrum.  My body now began to feel more alive and I felt things that I forgot I could ever feel, both physically and mentally.  My libido increased significantly, and I found myself masturbating daily (and usually multiple times in one sitting).  As I continued to redefine and rediscover my need for sex, I wanted to understand more about how an orgasm effects the human body and decided to document my own personal experience of having an orgasm for 30 days consecutively.

Before I jump into my experience, it is important to understand what happens scientifically when you climax.  An orgasm creates both physical and mental sensations and reactions in our body.  Our heart rate and blood pressure increases, our breathing patterns change, and (for women) our vagina contracts.  During orgasm, our brains are flooded with dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin.  In laments terms, orgasms pretty much get you high. They relieve stress, take away pain, make you happier, and according to some can even make your skin glow.  They help you feel more sexually aware and connected.

So I set off on my challenge, 30 days of orgasms.  Here was what I experienced:

Week One:  The first week was very exciting. I loved the high I got and the calmness I felt from the release of climaxing every day. If I masturbated in the morning before work, I felt like it energized me.  It was the best way I could think to start off the day.  If I masturbated at night, I felt like it calmed me down. My worries escaped me, and it made it easier for me to fall asleep and to get a better nights’ rest.  With each climax, my worries and fears were temporarily erased from my mind which decreased any anxiety or stress that I had.

Week Two: Much of week two was like the first week except now masturbation became a part of my daily routine.  I would masturbate in the morning once I got back from the gym after I showered.  It became “me” time.  After my shower, I would lay down in my bed and bring myself as high as I could, usually twice before getting ready for work.  I noticed that I began to feel better overall in my day to day activities.  I felt more relaxed, calmer, and more present in life.  Things that would generally worry me or upset me didn’t seem to be as big of a deal.  I specifically noticed that my morning commutes to work felt much calmer, and it didn’t bother me if some asshole decided to cut me off without signaling on the highway. I was in a happier and easier mental state.

Week Three:  At the beginning of week three, I noticed a chance in my orgasm intensity. For whatever reason, they were less powerful.  The high that I had gotten in week one and two was now less than mediocre.  I found myself masturbating again and again, chasing the high that I once felt but the intensity didn’t come back.  At the time, it was frustrating and some of that calmness and relaxation that I felt earlier had begun to dissipate.  In hindsight, this was the week after my period ended.  I think that the timing in my cycle had something to do with the change in orgasm intensity.

Week Four:  I continued into week four and the intensity of my orgasms came back slowly.  By the end of the week they were back in full force.  The intensity had returned to what I felt in weeks one and two.  The physical and emotional effects of calmness returned as I continued through the beginning of a fifth week to end the 30 days.

Overall, my experience with a daily dose of orgasms was incredibly positive.  In that moment of climax, my troubles, worries, and fears were temporarily erased from my mind.  I was completely present in that moment with myself.  And because my anxieties and daily stressors escaped me, I felt more calm, level-headed, and focused throughout the day.  My body and muscles felt more relaxed, especially the tension that I usually hold in my back and shoulders.  I also learned that having an orgasm during menstruation helps to numb the cramps.  It worked better than Midol ever could!  I can’t say that my skin glowed, but I will admit that I didn’t stop at the end of the 30-days.

So next time you are thinking about doing a 30-day squat challenge, or cleanse, or diet, or whatever your next goal is, I would encourage you to think about what a 30-day orgasm challenge can do for you.  The results might surprise you.

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