Acceptance: Changing the Game

The dating/fucking game has been completely revolutionized since I was last in it.  We, as women, are now “allowed” to sleep with whoever we want, whenever we want, and rarely get shade from others about it.  We don’t have to want to settle down, be in a relationship, or get married and have children; we can date, and fuck, and not want anything else other than to focus on our careers, our friendships, and ourselves.  In the past, behavior like this would get you slut-shamed big time.  But in 2017/2018, this is totally acceptable.  And we can be open with each other about it – we can share every single detail if we wanted with no judgement.  It is a fantastic and empowering time!

It’s an amazing time to be single again.  I feel a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders as I am free to be whoever I am.  I have always been a very sexual person but always knew I couldn’t be as open and honest as I wanted for fear of being shamed and judged.  In this new world, with new friends and new fucks, I have realized that so many people talk about sex nowadays…and not just sex but things that may have otherwise been taboo to discuss before.  Furthermore, all the control, manipulation, judgement, and shame from my ex-husband and marriage continues to dissipate each and every day.  It’s like this previous life where I couldn’t be me finally doesn’t matter anymore.  Instead, it’s a distant memory that has led me to where I am today.  Each day I feel more and more like I am coming into my own.

Prior to my marriage there were no dating apps., Bumble, Plenty Of Fish, EHarmony – none of that existed.  ACTUAL initiation was a big thing. If you wanted to talk to a girl, you had to do so face to face. You had to offer to buy her a drink at the bar, talk to her and get to know her, and ask for her number.  It required men to initiate and be vulnerable.  But now with the dating apps – it’s literally like a catalog of vagina for men to pick from.  Men don’t have to try, they don’t have to call, they don’t have to be uncomfortable.   Now don’t get me wrong, I do know a few people that have found successful relationships from dating apps, but MANY of the men on these apps are just looking to get laid…and women know it!  Knowledge is power!

These changes are really interesting.  It is an incredibly empowering time for women.  We can be open and honest about sex, relationships, and what we want out of life.   Acceptance has become the foundation of this new era.  And women don’t really need men at all anymore…unless it’s worth their while.  It’s actually quite beautiful.  For the fuckboys and assholes, it’s going to keep them fuckboys and assholes much longer.  As much as they may think they are using women to get laid, the women are using them.  Unfortunately, I think it makes it much harder for the nice guys out there.   They definitely still exist, but their challenge will be finding a woman that will want to settle down.

3 thoughts on “Acceptance: Changing the Game

  1. Amir

    “In the past, behavior like this would get you slut-shamed big time. But in 2017/2018, this is totally acceptable. And we can be open with each other about it – we can share every single detail if we wanted with no judgement.”

    Ummm… Pls allow me to disagree only with that. For example, you are anonymous here and if it was truly open in 2018 for women to be sluts, I am sure you’d be leading the pack with at least a picture of ypurs, if not name.


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