The Virgin

After The Young Gent, I realized I wanted someone with longer hair that reminded of  The Captain and Goldilocks. I don’t know why, but for some reason, a man with a man bun really got my motor running. I matched on Bumble with another younger guy in his early twenties. He was probably about ten years younger than me, and also much shorter than I was. He had olive-toned skin, beautiful bright hazel eyes, and the shiniest wavy dark brown hair that reached just below his shoulders. We messaged back and forth for a while, and eventually he came out one night to meet me and some friends for drinks.

Even though I was much taller and older, he was still calm and confident. And even though he didn’t say much, his smile and bright hazel eyes could light up the darkest room. After our first encournter, we ended up going our separate ways at the end of the night.  On our second encouter, we went out to a bar that had a DJ and dancing. He was pretty cool and fun, although I must admit feeling awkward dancing with someone so much shorter. I think he could sense my vibe because we went our separate ways that night as well. On the third meeting, he came over my house.

We spent some time chatting, relaxing, and watching tv. He told me that he didn’t feel uncomfortable around me with our age difference, and he enjoyed spending time with me. It was nice, it was sweet. He asked me if I felt uncomfortable.  I lied. I figured it was easier to agree with him I didn’t want to mess up the night by saying the wrong thing. I felt like a dude – like how they will say whatever to get a girl in bed. That’s what I was doing with him.

At some point he leaned in to kiss me. I remember how he moved his lips slowly, I remember his soft hair brushing across my cheek as our lips continued to lock. It felt a little feminine, and I didn’t it like it as much as I thought I would.  I kept with it for a little longer to see where it would go and what this young stud was all about.

After a few minutes, he asked him if he wanted to go into my bedroom.  He obliged, so I grabbed his hand, and lead the way. It was easy because I didn’t feel emotionally connected to him at all; I just wanted to see what he was like in bed. We got into bed and continued kissing.  At some point, he stopped and looked at me and asked me the best question I have ever been asked, “Can I go down on you?”

I was so surprised he would ask. I guess verbal consent was important to him. I was all about it and replied, “Sure.” I’d like to say I responded calmly and collected, but I probably began to pant. After all, this was a sure way I knew I would get off. I don’t think we said anything else after that, but I stripped off my black leggings and bright red thong. I threw them to the ground and laid down on my back.

He started to go down on me, and it felt so good. He knew what he was doing and used both his tongue and finger to massage my clitoris. As he massaged my clitoris with his tongue, he began to finger me and pressed slightly upwards inside of me. It felt so good. I looked down at him and watched him work. His hair began to move back and forth on my thighs, and it got inside my head. I probably fucked it up for myself, but it reminded me of a chick. There was something about him that was too feminine and this wasn’t working for me. I still tried to enjoy everything he was doing but I knew I wasn’t going to climax. It had already been about 15 minutes and I felt bad he was still putting in the work. I figured I would try to fake it just so we could be done and move on….so I did.

He didn’t stop. Somehow, he knew I didn’t finish, so he didn’t finish or stop. He paused for a moment and politely said, “It’s taking you a while.”

I felt slightly embarassed, “Sometimes it does.”  I was shocked he didn’t stop! He had a couple of opportunities where he could have, but he kept on.  His mission to get me off was pretty impressive.

Once I realized that he wasn’t going to give up, I remember thinking to myself, just relax and enjoy this. I closed my eyes and pretended he was someone else (Chris Hemsworth as Thor…yes for real). He continued moving his tongue around and began hitting all of the right spots. It began to build, and I could feel that I was getting closer. About 10 minutes later, I came.

Once I was done, he took his pants off and lay down naked on the bed with a boner. It was a small dick but proportionate to his body. I figured, ok I can give this a ride. I grabbed his penis and began rubbing it up and down, jerking him off slowly. I put it in my mouth and bobbed up and down for a few seconds. I could fit his entire penis in my mouth. I shoved it down so hard that I gagged just a little because I tried to see how deep I could take it, and wanted to make him feel like it was bigger than it really was.  It became a game to me; I stopped bobbing, looked up at him, and said, “Wow, this is really big.”

He laughed, “No it really isn’t.” His smile was so bright, it lit up the dark bedroom.

“It’s making me gag”, I said. I felt nothing as I manipulated him– I just lied and did it to try to make him feel good, especially because he just got me off. He didn’t fight me on it, and kept quiet. I bobbed up and down a few times more and then I stopped to ask him if he had a condom.

I was totally taken off guard by his response. He asked me if it was okay if we just stuck to oral. “Of course,” I replied. I was surprised and disappointed, but I could respect the fact that he asked me this. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just that I’ve never had…uh, I’m a virgin,” he said.

I immediately felt protective over him. “Oh my goodness, really? Of course that’s okay!” I couldn’t believe this confident and kind man was a virgin.  I was actually surprised I had one in my bed; I have never ever had a virgin in my bed.  Here he was with a half-naked girl, mouth in her pussy, her mouth on his dick…I’d like to think in this moment it would be the hardest to resist.  I had a lot of respect for him.

I continued to bob up and down with my mouth on his penis, jerking him off, and going through the motions to get him to cum. “I’m about to cum,” he said. And legit right before he did, I pulled my mouth off and finished him off by jerking him off.  Perfect timing and no cum in my mouth.

We laid in my bed a bit longer, and within the next hour he left. I didn’t feel any romantic connection to him at all. If anything, it felt more like a brother, or friend connection. He was nice enough, experienced enough to get me off and to actually know when he got me off, so that was a plus. At the end of the day, he was just something and someone to fill the time.

He left and I never saw him again. He would reach out to me here and there, but he was so pure and I didn’t want to take that away from him. I needed more dirty sex from people that were not worth caring about, and the virgin was a person that was too good.

Thank you, Virgin. I wish you nothing but the best and appreciate our experience together. I hope you find your true love someday, and marry her so you can give yourself fully to her. You are a true gentleman, a fine man, and I thank you for our experience.

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