The Portuguese Football Player

I met this younger Portuguese soccer player on a dating app. I can’t remember if it was Bumble or Tinder…I think it was Tinder.  He had a rock-hard slim body (probably from running around the soccer field all day), a dark-haired short-trimmed hair-cut, and a really cool circular tattoo over is chest/upper-abdomen.  We would Snapchat back and forth over the weeks which built up the intensity for me. I remember one time he got mad because I screenshotted a photo he sent me that showed him laying down in bed (from the neck down, so not face) bare tattooed chest all the way down to his toes.  Granted, he was wearing only fitted black boxer briefs, and a hard-on.  I was turned on, he responded, “I really don’t appreciate that you screen shot photos like that when I send them to you.”  I felt like I was getting scolded; come on dude, what did you expect? It’s not like you were showing your face. Anyways, it was funny that it got his panties in a bunch over something so lame.  Of course, he was younger than me. We snap-chatted back and forth for a few months. I didn’t really like him, and there was zero connection. He had a nice body, just not my type at all.  But, during the week of my birthday I decided I needed to get dicked-down.  After all, I was about to turn 33.

So, one night during my birthday week I invited him over, our very first time meeting face to face.  He was only coming over to fuck me and I was looking forward to it.  I was actually out and about, and he pulled up to my house just as I was arriving back home.  He got out of his car looking like his photos online, but also wearing a pair of square framed glasses.  An interesting and more intelligent look, I was okay with it.  He also seemed more pulled back, more reserved… maybe he wasn’t as interested? Or maybe he was playing it coy? I wasn’t quite sure, but I also didn’t care.

We exchanged our hellos and went inside.  After some small chat, it was apparent he was on a mission to get in and out and I was okay with that.

We went into my bedroom and began to kiss as we were standing near the bed, and it immediately felt forceful…in the sense that it didn’t feel natural or desired.  Maybe he was a better fuck? It couldn’t already be this bad, maybe he was more of a dominant?  We took each other’s cloths off and eventually were butt-naked. I laid down on my bed and he insinuated he wanted head but trying to grab my head and slightly forcefully push it down to his dick. I leaned over the edge of my bed and put his significantly left curving dick in my mouth. I played around with it for a bit, but I still was not feeling it. He was abrasive, nervy.  I sucked it up, and down and around for a short while before retiring and laying down on the bed, curious to see if there was any pleasure he could offer.

He got into bed with me and tried to put my mouth back on his dick.  I decided at this point that it would be totally appropriate to a little forceful to him. So, I grabbed his head and pushed it down on my vagina.  And the Portuguese football player began to lick, and kiss, and suck. And is still felt forced.  I loved getting head, but how could this not be pleasurable? I tried my best to enjoy but I just knew there was something coming next and wasn’t sure I was going to like it.

As he continued, I began to realize that there was absolutely no connection here, not even in the slightest. It felt like an act I was just waiting to get over with. I couldn’t imagine that I was evolving because I still didn’t like to acknowledge the negative feelings I was having.  As we went from oral to intercourse, he jumped behind to penetrate me. I bent on all fours while he squatted on top of my bed and thrust and thrust. It was so deep, so fast. I asked him to slow down, and when he didn’t I turned around and pushed him off of me, “Dude, slow down!”

There was really no coming back from this. We continued a bit more and he knew I wasn’t feeling it. Thank God he came, and they he left. I didn’t want any part of that shit. There is a time and place, but not the first time you fuck a chick. Take some time to feel her out, figure it out, and not be such a douche.

Looking back, I realized he was just a young kid trying to prove something. He had clearly seen too much porn and didn’t actually know how to fuck, or please either of us.  And I now realize it wasn’t pleasurable because it was all about control.  He wanted to be dominant, probably because that’s how he feels like a man, and that reminded me of my ex. What a total turnoff.  He sent several snaps after that, I never acknowledged him again.
Let the birthday week continue…NEXT!

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